Weekend Beer Hopping

So this weekend we decided to see how many breweries we could hit in one day. Well, not that exactly, we planned to go to three breweries, but that ended up being expanded to 6. Oops. What am I expected to do, though, when they have such good tap lists? I couldn't help it. Honestly.… Continue reading Weekend Beer Hopping

Coming soon

Up Next: Leaning Cask

This weekend I will be sitting down with Josh & Stephanie, owners of Leaning Cask Brewing in Springdale, PA. I'm looking forward to talking to them, trying their beers, and checking out their tap room! Watch Instagram for photos before any are even post here; I'll post a sneak peek as soon as I can!… Continue reading Up Next: Leaning Cask


Sneak Peek – Bloom Brew

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Bloom of Bloom Brew in West Newton, PA. Bloom Brew is a micro-brewery found in the basement of the local fire station, and while they only have outdoor seating right now, they have an amazing 24 taps, including one nitro tap. Bloom… Continue reading Sneak Peek – Bloom Brew


Couch Brewery

This article first appeared in the June 2018 edition of Pennsylvania Bridges Magazine ( For this new column series, I am going to break away from the paranormal and introduce you to the local breweries in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Each issue I will sit down with a new brewmaster and/or owner of a small craft or… Continue reading Couch Brewery


The beginning…

My husband has always been interested in craft beer, but it is more of a new thing for me. I was always more into local hard ciders than beers, and there were very few beer styles that I enjoyed. That, though, has been steadily changing. It first started with my husband buying a ton of… Continue reading The beginning…