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Events and Fun

I wanted to take a few minutes to mention a couple of upcoming events that I will be working this summer, both of which are at Bloom Brew! The first event coming up is on May 4th (yes, 'Star Wars' Day, but not SW themed) and that is the Yough River Monster. If you aren't… Continue reading Events and Fun

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Summertime is Around the Corner

Ah, summertime. To some, the perfect season to drink beer. (Really any season is, but I digress.) Now that the weather is breaking, we are seeing more garage doors going up within the breweries and more people coming out of hiding. Barbecues and picnics abound. Luckily, Pittsburgh and Southwest PA have a lot of great… Continue reading Summertime is Around the Corner


Beer-cation Planning Mode

Now that it's the new year, my brain automatically switches to vacation planning, or dreaming, mode. This year, though, the husband and I are hoping to take a few of what I like to call beer-cations. We are already planning a trip for the middle of May. There is a concert we are going to… Continue reading Beer-cation Planning Mode


Beer: What is it?

What is beer? The dictionary defines it as "an alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt and flavored with hops," but what does that mean? Let's get back to the basics. There are so many styles of beer out there now, it can be difficult to understand the differences in the main few types, let alone… Continue reading Beer: What is it?

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Voodoo Brewery

This month, I sat down with Voodoo Brewery, and the interview is slightly different than the last interviews in a few ways. Not only is Voodoo is significantly bigger, and older, than most of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s craft breweries, instead of sitting down with someone who wears many hats, I sat down with their COO, who… Continue reading Voodoo Brewery

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Allegheny City Brewing

Allegheny City Brewing is located in the heart of the North Side of Pittsburgh. It’s not far from the major stadiums, but is still tucked away enough to feel cozy yet welcoming. Last month, I sat down with Al Grasso, one of the owners and head brewers at Allegheny City Brewing. He owns and runs… Continue reading Allegheny City Brewing

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Leaning Cask Brewing

     This month I sat down with Leaning Cask brewer, Joshua Lipke, and his co-owner and wife, Stefanie Lipke, in Springdale, PA. The brewery has been open for a little over a year, but Joshua has been brewing a lot longer than that. He, like many others, started with homebrewing and eventually expanded upon… Continue reading Leaning Cask Brewing

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An Interview With Jeff Bloom of Bloom Brew

I was able to sit down with Jeff Bloom, the owner of Bloom Brew in West Newton, PA, one Friday night when the weather was being unpredictable. When I pulled up I saw a small garage, filled with wooden kegs and casks of aging beer, as well customers, most of which appeared to be regulars… Continue reading An Interview With Jeff Bloom of Bloom Brew


Weekend Beer Hopping

So this weekend we decided to see how many breweries we could hit in one day. Well, not that exactly, we planned to go to three breweries, but that ended up being expanded to 6. Oops. What am I expected to do, though, when they have such good tap lists? I couldn't help it. Honestly.… Continue reading Weekend Beer Hopping