My husband has always been interested in craft beer, but it is more of a new thing for me. I was always more into local hard ciders than beers, and there were very few beer styles that I enjoyed. That, though, has been steadily changing. It first started with my husband buying a ton of bottles of various types of beer to try, and the ones he didn’t like sat in the refrigerator for a while. I ignored them, because of his description. “That beer tastes like vinegar and ketchup!” he said. I decided to try it, because why not? Besides, it couldn’t actually taste like ketchup. Duchesse de Bourgogne began my love of Flanders red ales,  eventually branching off into other sours. We’ve planned vacations around beer, and lately I have been trying more, and we recently realized that here in southwestern PA we have a large array of breweries and craft bars that we haven’t even looked into. That’s what this is. Follow my trips to various breweries, read about the brew masters and owners as I interview them for the local magazine I write for, and maybe you’ll find a new favorite beer or two. I know just in my own adventures recently I’ve found quite a few. (Hint: If you are a brewery in SWPA, and have a Berliner Weisse, I’ll be there. This has quickly taken over as a favorite style of mine.)

Please get in touch if you are a brewery and interested in meeting up for an interview or if you know someone you think I should interview!