Four Points Brewing

While I live in Southwest Pintsylvania, I am a little removed from the happenings of the city being about 20 miles south of Pittsburgh. We do have a few breweries down here, too, though! Aside from Bloom Brew, where I work part time, Four Points Brewing is just a town away. I feel like of all of the new breweries, they have gone through quite a ‘glow up,’ so to speak. When they first opened and my husband and I tried them, we weren’t really impressed. A lot of the beer tasted the same and it felt like they definitely needed work to dial in the flavors a bit better. The food, from the neighboring BBQ restaurant, was just OK. After giving them some time, we have now gone back quite a few more times and it is quickly becoming a regular spot for us. They have a rotating menu and everything is amazing. The beer is solid, and not just for the location, it is quickly moving up and becoming competition for other breweries closer to the city. They’ve been featured on Hop Culture Magazine’s website, Rick Sebak (if you are a foodie in Pittsburgh you know who this is,) has been there for a beer pairing, and actually the reason that we tried it again is because he strongly recommended it to me, and Breweries in PA has talked about them quite a bit. The bartenders/barbacks are top notch, the patrons are friendly, and you can see the brewing floor from the tap room. I would say if you are in the area check them out, and you definitely should, but even if you aren’t in the area for another reason, venture down from the city and stop in. I know, it seems far to drive from Pittsburgh, but we drive down there from here all of the time! The drive isn’t as bad as it seems. I promise. You can even catch the bus from downtown to Charleroi pretty easily. (MMVTA)

Keep your eyes peeled to their instagram and facebook for their next beer pairing, I know I am. Hopefully we will see you there. Say hi if you see us out and about!

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